Hi my name is Robyn Brimley
I have always loved drawing, I grew up in a home where creativity was encouraged. My mom as a hobby artist saw fit that I was able to have plenty of creative time.  I have worked with traditional mediums my whole life, colored pencils, Pen and ink, and acrylics.  While in school, I discovered a love for watercolors and digital painting. I work Mainly with Procreate, Adobe Sketch and Adobe Fresco.
I  love to be in the great out doors, and I enjoy studying the cute creatures that are  found in it. My artwork reflects that love of nature and animals.  I have had creatures around me my whole life, anything form roosters crowing in the kitchen to chipmunks taking a treat from my hand. I just Love them.
I received my education from Brigham Young University Idaho (BYUI) in Art with an emphasis in Illustration.  I have been working as an independent freelance illustrator since 2019.  

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